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Frank Cohen's Blog Java developers have been waiting on a stable release of the Java Runtime Environment 6 for more than a year. Apple shipped Mac OS X 10.5 (codename Leopard) last Friday. The new operating system includes the Sun-developed DTrace debugger and an upgraded JRE 1.5. Apple has given no announcement, roadmap, or guidance on when Java developers will be running JRE 6 on Mac OS X 10.5. The move to ship Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) without Java 6 is a significant sign of Sun blowing its opportunity with Java development. I wrote about this at the Apple iPhone introduction. For all of Jonathan Schwartz's talk about the opportunity for Java on mobile devices, there is no Java on iPhone. iPhone is a gated community and Java is on the outside. That leaves Java developers in a bad position. Java developers love the clean Unix-based Mac OS X environment for developme... (more)

Sun Blew its "iPhone" Java Opportunity to AJAX

Frank Cohen's Blog Today is US Independence day and I stopped at the Apple store to see the iPhone, and ask questions about the new MacBook Pro. I wanted to see the iPhone in person to learn what I should expect from mobile phone people interaction and feature sets. And I wanted to learn which MacBook Pro model I'll be upgrading to in the next few weeks. iPhone is beautiful. It is smaller than I expected. Just a little larger than my current Samsung D807. iPhone has a nice feel and the touch keyboard worked very well for my big fingers. iPhone was suprisingly hot - temperature wis... (more)

SOA Divorced From Web Services?

Frank Cohen's Blog A blog by Jason English at iTKO has me bothered. Jason praises an analyst report from ZapThink's Jason Bloomberg titled Divorcing SOA from Web Services. Neither iTKO nor ZapThink seem to get the vision behind SOA and Web services. The IT industry has a long way to go to serve enterprises and organizations needing to well manage their efforts through information systems. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services (WS) are entirely appropriate to build information systems. The vision behind SOA and WS help us a lot and in different ways. Here is a sli... (more)

SOA Divorced Web Services - Who Doesn't Get It?

Frank Cohen's Blog My blog entry elicited a response from Jason at ZapThink. He asked – more or less - what he doesn't get? I also received a request to help parse part of the blog. My blog shows that I'm bothered by two things: using the word Divorce when talking about SOA and Web Services and iTKO's skeptical position on why they give away Lisa Web Services. Jason E's blog entry says: "Yes, [iTKO Lisa Web Services] can be useful, but we honestly believe that Web Services testing on its own will never deliver the quality levels required to achieve Trust in your SOA applica... (more)

I Wonder What W3C's Response Will Be To AJAX?

Frank Cohen's Blog The W3C has moved the Semantic Annotations for WSDL and XML Schema (SAWSDL) to recommendation status which makes it a new standard. I'm feeling really stupid about now. I'm trying to think of an occasion where I would use SWSL and SWSO? They both seem like small steps between what we have now in WS-* and the computer on Star Trek Next Generation being able to answer the question What is the nature of the universe?. In my opinion the Web Service standards glorify the request/response pairing found in HTTP. In HTTP (and the WS-*) interactions I don't have any sem... (more)